Getting Settled In

So I’m back in Dallas and getting settled. This includes unpacking and stocking up the fridge and pantry. My list for the grocery store was a mile long! I am a HUGE snacker. Meaning, I love to nibble on snacks throughout the day, so it is very important that I keep snacks on hand. Chips and dip is definitely my weakness at the moment. I can go through half of a big bag in one sitting if I’m not careful lol. We’re also waiting on the rest of our belongings to arrive, which should be today.

Anyway, since the weather was nice yesterday I decided to go out for a run. Well, when I say it was nice, I meant it was hot! Sheesh! The sun in the South is no joke! I think it’s supposed to rain here this weekend so I wanted to get a run in just in case the rain came and wouldn’t let me be great. (Not that I’m opposed to running in the rain, but I just prefer the sun.)


Who takes selfies before a workout? (Probably everybody lol!) Shirt, shorts, and shoes all by Nike.
These are my newest running shoes. And my newest tan. Hehe

After I completed my run I showered and got ready to meet some friends of mine for dinner. Unpacking can wait until this weekend. 🙂


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