So it’s that time of year again! We have lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for the winter and spring months, and now that Chris’s basketball season is over, it’s time for us to head back to our home base, which is in Dallas, Texas. When it was time to move to Charlotte from Texas back in the winter, luckily all we had to bring with us was our clothing, shoes, toiletries, accessories, etc. However, this isn’t always the case. A few times we have had to pack up the whole house, and make ourselves well acquainted with storage facilities. Over the past 3 years, we have lived in the following cities:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bologna, Italy
Dallas, Texas
And most recently of course, Charlotte, North Carolina

Moving itself can be a pain, simply because packing, then unpacking can be a long and tedious process! Lawd! Almost every time it’s time to pack I make it an event: turn my iPod on and grab a bottle of wine. Makes the packing-up-a-house process much more bearable. But, after we’ve unpacked everything and we get good and settled, then we go out and enjoy the new city. Of course, during the last 3 years of moving city to city, we still managed to be still enough to have 2 kids (ha!), so experiencing new cities as new parents is even more of an adventure!
I’ve also met some amazing people in every single city that I’ve lived, and I’m so grateful for that! Below I’ll include some of the pictures of the different cities that I have lived in over the years. These pics were all taken by me as well. (Well, if it’s a picture of me, Chris more and likely took it.)


Headed to see Chris play back when he played for the Bucks in 2011.


Date night with Chris. Pre-kiddies lol.

Bologna Italy:

8 months pregnant with Zé and headed to dinner


After dinner
Heyyy sweet Zé! She was born in Italy in December 2011. Dual citizenship in Italy and the United States.
At a park in Bologna with Zé.  It was my first time jogging/walking post pregnancy too. (Running is free in Italy too. hehe)
At one of our favorite bars/restaurants in Bologna, enjoying a martini!

View from our water taxi in Venice, Italy


Visiting Florence, Italy (we also obtained Ze’s passport here.)
On the plane leaving Italy head to back to the States. Ze was 5 and a half months old.

Philadelphia, PA:

First week back in the States from Italy. Enjoying some vino while we lived in downtown Philly.
This is a very cool building on South Street in downtown Philiadelphia.
Dallas, TX
Boxes from the move from Philly to Dallas 2012
About 8 months pregnant with Vito in Dallas, TX. (taking a bathroom selfie in Neiman Marcus lol)
Oh heyy baby Vito! He was born in Frisco, TX in March 2013. He was bout 1 month old here.
Headed to the Aquarium in downtown Dallas with the family.
Snow storm in Dallas December 2013. (The kids and I stayed in onesies for a few days lol)
After a lunch date with my sister Diamond in Dallas, TX

Charlotte, NC

When we had a snow storm in Charlotte. This lake is located behind our house.

And most recently, we made the trip back to Dallas from Charlotte, as a family of four, ready to enjoy our summer!

Bathroom airport selfie. (Family Bathrooms are the best in airports. Roomy and almost always never a long wait.)


Chris and Vito. (How excited does Chris look to be flying? lol!)


Me and Ze! She does such a good job flying.  She’s a seasoned traveler though. Been doing it since she was 5 months old.


Thats all folks!
These pictures show just a snapshot of what it’s like to travel and live in new cities frequently. To some it may seem to crazy, but because of this fast-paced crazy life, I have made some GREAT memories and have met some great people along the way. And I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

P.S. Taking a look back at these pictures also shows that my hair color has changed quite a bit as well. I can’t wait to see what color I want to do next!

5 replies to “Moving…Again!!

  1. Excellent pictures, my favorites are all of the ones with the kids and the first one of you in Milwaukee. I think it's so great that you've all had the pleasure of visiting all of those great states and Italy 🙂 Well, until the next city


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