Fab and Vegetarian!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I am newly crowned fabulous vegetarian. My fiancé, Chris, had been on a quest to a healthier him, and I decided to join him! I have permanently given up eating meat as of January 2014. I still however, eat seafood. Just no meat. No beef, chicken, pork, etc.. Has the transition been hard? At first it was a bit of a challenge, because not only did I eat meat, but I ate the worst of the worst: chitlins’ (don’t judge lol!) pig ear sandwiches (you’re still judging!) polish sausage, etc..and I loved that stuff! My biggest vice with meat was hot dogs though. I kept a fresh pack of hot dogs in the fridge at all times. (Which, to be fair, hot dogs probably aren’t real meat! But I digress.) So saying no to stuff I’ve eaten my whole life was a huge change. However, I know in the long run it’ll lead to a healthier me overall. Of course I had the occasional craving for some baked pork chops or a cheeseburger, but as time goes by, those cravings begin to fade. And, awesomely enough, there’s still SO much good food to choose from, as I do eat seafood, so I eat tons of shrimp, salmon, and the like.

Since we as a family embarked on our journey to vegetarianism, we have hired a chef to to cook for us a few times a week to ensure we are getting the proper nutrition! (Shoutout to Chef Kevin! He’s based in Charlotte, NC, and he will make anything you like.)
Because of him, we have been introduced to a wide array of foods that gets us just as full as before vegetarianism became our new lifestyle. A few days ago, he prepared Mexican food, complete with tacos, a taco salad, and fresh fruit:

Inside the tacos: black beans, rice, chick peas, lettuce, sour cream and salsa, all on a flour tortilla. (If you want to go even healthier, they have wheat tortillas too)


The taco salad had pretty much the same thing that the tacos did, however it also had tomatoes, and tortilla chips covered the bottom of the dish. This salad was topped with ranch dressing, and it was so good and spicy!



Fresh fruit is very popular in my household, and the kids snack on it throughout the day as well.

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